Before You Start Another Atkins Low Carb Diet Read This .....


If you have failed at the Atkins Diet before it is not your fault, I also did until I learned the secrets revealed on this page (make sure to read every word !)


From: Neil D. Rischall

Date: <>


Dear Career Dieter,


Do you feel like you have tried everything in your never ending quest to lose weight?


Low Fat, Low Carb, Weight Watchers, Vegetarian, Atkins, Grapefruit, Zone .......


Have you tasted success for a week or so losing a significant amount of weight in your first week only to falter in week two and then self destruct after that?


What adds insult to injury is how fast after you have abondoned your diet you not only gain back the weight you lost but even more, it's like you borrowed the weight loss and you have to repay it with interest!


So you invested time and effort into these diets and you may start to loose faith and think that you are missing willpower or even worse you are weak. This is how I felt after going on this diet roller coaster for so many years, only to feel like it was all my fault.


Inside though a tiny voice told me though that I was not to blame and there had to be an answer. So I decided with steadfast determination to explore and see who was lossing all the weight they wanted to and keeping it off for many years. My standards were high in as much that surgery and pills were not an option. There was no doubt in my mind that these were not healthy options that I would accept, and neither should you!


In addition I had played the diet game long enough to know the hoops that I would not jump through to lose weight, see if these things make you crazy also.

Measuring food and weighting every ounce or gram and calculating how much is the percentage of proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

Eating five to six meals a day.

Switching the food groups or calories eaten on a particluar day.

Entering all my activity and foods eaten into a computer.

Feeling hungry and trying to push myself through to the next meal by drinking tons of water.

Giving up my favorite steak and chicken.


And why did I know that I would not have to do any of these crazy things that I had done in the past to lose weight? Because I had one simple thought about my Grandparents and other relatives from previous generations. None of them did any of these crazy things yet they were all a very healthy weight. Obviously there was something I was doing wrong with my diet and once I fixed that problem the weight should be lost without effort.


So I am going to share with you how I researched to find the answer to this problem. I spent many hours viewing every video I could find on Youtube about diets and those that were succesful. The last thing I wanted was another advertisement that was hyped and full of exageration. Instead I wanted to find real people with all their wrinkles, not supermodels, but everday people who lost weight the way I wanted to. So this is what i found:


So what did I learn for these videos? That there plenty of real people who were losing huge amounts of weight with the Atkins diet and keeping it off.


In fact this was not just something that one or two people did. This was even documented on the evening news. So I new that it was not just a stroke of luck or an exception for these people. Watch to following to see how real this is:


This low carb trend got me angry!


Can you guess why? Because I had tried the same thing and failed. So I wondered what was I doing different?

Do you hate reading the manual when you get a new gadget? So do I. That is when I realized that I had never really read the book or even a good summary that would give me the details of the Atkins diet.


So I read the book and to make sure I really understood it I summarized in my own writing boiling it down to all the basics and what to me seemed to make sense and was working for me. In fact my friends said that they never had the time or patience to read the book and thought my version was excellent because it could get them started right away without wasting a weekend reading the whole book and hoping that they did not miss the important stuff.


So now to help others experience this transformation I am giving away my summary for free. Simply put in you name and email below and you will be taken to a download page where you can get a free copy of my summary. In addition subscribers will be getting other free suprises to help them with the diet, a carb counter and recipe ebook. 


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