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A Healthy Way to Lose Weight Promotes Success

Author: Jon Monrat

Many people are so desperate to rid themselves of unwanted fat that they totally forget that a healthy way to lose weight is the only way to have permanent weight loss. Fad diets and gimmicks only work in the short term and can often be dangerous to your health. Who wants to look great only in a casket? So you really have to be careful when choosing the best way to get yourself down to the size you want.

Everyone knows that good nutrition, proper diet, and exercise promote a healthy way to lose weight. But this method is also known to be quite slow, especially if you have a slow metabolism. It’s frustrating to pass up all the food that you love and do all that working out just to lose a pound a week. That’s really not incentive enough to stay on any diet, particularly if you need to lose a lot of weight. You just won’t be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and will give up.

If you happen to be one of the many people on the planet with slow metabolism, you will be happy to know that there IS help for you, AND it’s also a healthy way to lose weight. Did your heart just start beating a little faster and are you smiling right now? Keep reading because this is information you need to know.

Yes, you do need a proper diet and some exercise if you want to lose weight and keep it off. However, there IS something that will help you reach your goal faster without risking your health. It’s called the Acai (ah sigh EE) berry and is one of the most important discoveries in a long time. This amazing fruit is about the size of a grape and is grown in the Amazon Rainforest. It provides a healthy way to lose weight by simply cutting your appetite, boosting your metabolism, and your energy. So you see, you will be able to say no to those extra snacks that may be killing your diet, and will have the energy to increase your exercise. The metabolism boost will make sure the calories you take in are burned up quickly and efficiently.

While it is processed into many forms to aid in weight loss, one highly effective one is the Acai cleanse. This rids your body of toxins and other things that are hindering your weight loss. Regular use of this cleanse will keep you on track and give you a healthy way to lose weight. It is here and available to you right now. Why wait?

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Article Source: - A Healthy Way to Lose Weight Promotes Success

Easy Weight Loss – 7 Important Steps You Need To Know To Lose Weight Quickly

Author: Andrew Smith

Losing Weight seems to be everyone’s goal these days. Whether you are over weight, slightly chubby or just trying to get ripped and look good. There are millions of tips, tricks, supplements, diets and slimming clubs available and almost too much information to take in.

I personally live by the 7 simple steps I am about to tell you…I am not overweight as such but I do have a habit of drinking far too much alcohol and eating out regularly so keeping in shape is a priority for me. It would be easy to let myself go and just indulge in all the food and drink I want and guess what…I almost do eat and drink anything I want and yet I never have to worry about my weight! Why?

I follow the following 7 steps and if you do too you may just enjoy yourself a little bit more –


1. Drink 2 Litres Water Daily – People in general do not drink enough water to stay properly hydrated. Water is a great way to cleanse your body and also a natural appetite suppressant. This makes it great way to stop yourself eating too much and having cravings.

2. Cut Out Excessive Sugar – RDA guidelines suggest 40g of sugar daily is the maximum you need. A Mars Bar has 43g of sugar in it so if you have to eat one, just make sure you don’t take in any more sugar that day! I like sweet foods and find low sugar or no sugar alternatives a far better choice. Less sugar is not only good for weight loss but is also good for the brain.

3. Always Avoid White Carbohydrates – White bread, white pasta, white rice etc. are the worst carbohydrate choice possible when you want to stay slim. They are light and fluffy and will not fill you up with satisfaction but will fill you full of calories! Avoid at all costs. Always, Always, Always eat whole grain, brown, whole wheat etc when eating these kinds of carbohydrates as they will satisfy you and give your body the carbohydrates it deserves.

4. Don’t Drink Juice – Of course not all juice should be banned but avoid the following for your own health and weight…Fizzy drinks including diet versions, non sugar free diluting juice, non 100% pure fruit juices. Always make sure the juice you drink is sugar free or if it is fruit juice it has nothing but fruit in it.

5. You Are What You Eat – This is one of the truest sayings ever. So for that reason all ready made meals are now OFF your menu. When eating out avoid fast food or chain restaurants unless you know the food is freshly prepared. Ready made meals taste great but are loaded with additives, sugars, salts and other nasty’s that will pile on the pounds.

6. What Time Do You Eat? – To stay slim and healthy the best time to eat is as early as you get out of bed and as late as 4 hours before bed. I always use this rule. The only exception…a protein shake before bed. This is the most important diet tip I can give!

7. Cheat Weight Loss – I am not embarrassed to admit that I supplement my diet with a thermogenic fat burner supplement, digestive supplement and Whey Protein. These give me a killer edge in staying slim and are an easy way to lose weight.

To summarise, I do not starve or stop myself eating what I like I just follow the 7 steps above and I am 5’11 in height and 12 stone in body weight with no flabby bits! It really works and it is really easy to implement into your life.

To learn more about Easy Weight Loss you can sign up to Pound Droppers for free and receive a free weight loss guide and diet to help you on your way to a slimmer, happier you.

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Andrew Smith

Article Source: - Easy Weight Loss – 7 Important Steps You Need To Know To Lose Weight Quickly