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Staying On A Low Carb Fast Food Plan

Author: Clarie Anderson

When you are on a low carb fast food plan, eating out at fast food restaurants like McDonald or Subway and staying true to your low carb diet plan can be a huge challenge. Almost everything at fast food places consists of sugar, bread, or potatoes - the main restricted foods in low fat diet plans! That's torture when you're trying to be perfect on your plan and not go off at all!

Still, there are also a lot of low carb fast food options that you can have if you get creative. One of the things to keep in mind is that you probably aren't going to be able to order straight off of the menu. Sadly, there isn't a section of the McDonald's menu entitled "Low Carb." Although, McDonald's, if you're listening, that might not be a bad idea! Still, it's not currently a reality, so we will need to be creative.

Take a look at things on the menu and decide what you like. What did you used to order from the McDonald's menu prior to your new low carb life? Then brainstorm the ways that you could make it low carb. Can you change that soda to a diet soda? Can you take the bread off of that burger you used to eat whole? Can you forgo the fries in favor of a low carb side? Can you just skip the dessert altogether? You could request for burgers with no cream sauce or salad using low fat dressing.

Also, if you can't find menu items that you yourself can turn into a low carb dish on your own, you can always ask the counter staff or manager if they can make something for you off menu. I've had mixed success with that myself. Your best bet is to frequent one McDonald's branch the most and get to know the staff at that branch.

Alternatively, you can order home cooked fast food delivered to your place that's low carb and you can now truly enjoy low carb fast food without worrying that you will gain weight. In fact, you will lose weight even!

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Low Carb Fast Food Options

Author: Tony A Newton

For the people on a low carb diet eating out is not necessarily the best thing you can do. This is principally due to most fast food outlets only supplying foods that are high in carbohydrate such as burgers ( mainly the buns ), sandwiches and pizzas. All of the bread and dough mixtures are full of carbs and shouldn't actually be touched. But today there are some low carb fast food options that some of the major outlets have adopted, so you do have at least some options.

Here are some low carb fast food options you can choose:

1 - No Buns Just Burgers

Did you know that you can try for a burger from one of the major outlets such as McDonald's or Burger King and have it without the bun? This can avoid the enticement of you removing the burger from the bun yourself. You get to relieve your hunger and have barely any carbs. Perfect!

2 - Go For The Salad

Again, places such as McDonald's now have healthy options such as salads. One work of warning though is to go light on the salad dressing, as they can be full of carbs and can make your meal one that you will regret. Not all low carb fast food is the same.

This one is common-sense but can truly help you reduce your carbs. That way you can be sure you are eating correctly and as per your diet plan.

These low carb fast food tips should help you with your dieting options when you are eating out. If you are ever unsure then just go for the healthiest option even if it is a small portion, then after you get home you can break on something that you know is low carb until you are full.

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