Why do I eat so much at night ANSWER !

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Sunday Morning Question: Why do I eat so much at night?

Monday Morning Question: Why do I eat so much at night?

Tuesday Morning Question: Why do I eat so much at night?

Is there a pattern here...

 If you are asking yourself why I eat so much at night, I have some answers for you !

It is time to start with a damaging admission, I have failed at many diets. From Overeaters Anonymous to Weight Watchers, Slim Fast and Body for Life just to name a few.

At what time of day did these diets fall apart? 


So what is the reason this happened again and again?

I am going to list a few of the main reasons why this happened and then we can search for solutions. We all know the beginning of the answer is in recognizing the problem. So the good news is you are half way there.

Top 3 Reasons why many of fail in our diets at night:

  1. Too few calories during the day 
  2. Emotional low point = low willpower
  3. Sugar cravings that gain momentum throughout the day and explode at night

How a low carb diet solved these issues for me

The beauty of a low carb diet is that it is not low calorie. So having that steak for dinner or the chicken with the skin meant that I had plenty of calories in my body. My body did not feel deprived so it gave my appetite a rest.

Most of our emotional issues at nigh with our diet is from eating lousy foods that we never would be caught eating if we where not on a diet.

Sugar cravings go away after about three days on a strict low carb diet. How many times was there one cookie that ended up in the whole box being eaten?