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Recently I have discovered a way to lose weight day after day without changing the foods that I normally eat. Besides losing weight very consistently I have also been able to get many other benefits.


The system I have used is so simple that can be explained in one or two sentences. Every day I stop eating food at 6:30 at night, after that time the only thing that passes my lips is water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea. This means that I am able to eat three normal meals without watching myself like a hawk and still lose weight.


The first benefit that I noticed after adopting this regimen was that my energy level at night was much greater. If you think about it you will realize that digesting food is a tiring process for the body. So if we can relieve our body from this burden then we can free up our energy for other things like exercise or being able to work with a clear head. I am sure you have experienced that sleepy feeling after eating a large meal, imagine how much you could accomplish if you didn't have that weighed down drowsy feeling at night.


The next benefit that I noticed was the ability to sleep a much more restful night of sleep. This also is something that's quite logical if we think about it. Once again digestion of food is a process which hampers the bodies other processes. If we are making our bodies work hard digesting food it makes it much harder for the body to be able to rest. So if you have experienced some restless nights you might consider simply not eating during the evening. It is probably very likely that if you curtail your eating earlier in the day your sleep at night will be much more restful.


If you are a traveler then the next benefit I will discuss should really interest you, especially if you travel internationally and have been bothered by jetlagg. On my last two international flights I did not eat for the first eight hours or more. Even after that time I only ate a few green apples. What I noticed was the next day when I arrive I simply ate my meals at the normal times for the location I was in and I slept a normal night sleep that evening.

There is another method that works wonders and is natural. Simply chewing your food slowly, as some call it hitting the pause button, will help you realize you are full earlier than you imagine.